Swimming Pools And Spas Maintenance Tips

An individual carrying maintenance on a daily basis is the only way to a spa and swimming pool can be kept be clean. The maintenance of the pool and SPA should not be regarded as a complicated and time-consuming task to be carried out. Essential swimming pools tips should be followed strictly, and minor problems should be solved as soon as possible by a person. One will save costs and time and energy in the process. Click here for the Natural Reflections Pools & Spas. Here are some of the best maintenance tips which should be carried out in a Swimming pool and SPA;

Baskets and debris


One of the common methods used to maintain water in the pool to be clean is by creaming off the surface of the pool by use of hands after a duration of two or three days. Floating debris becomes too hard to be removed when it sinks to the surface of the pool. A leaf skimmer is used when one removes unwanted items, bugs, and leaves from the swimming pool or SPA. The effectiveness of the circulation system is improved by skimming. The concentration of chlorine is decreased in the process. Stubborn objects in the pool can be dislodged by inside spraying hose.

Pool should be vacuumed

Vacuuming the pool on a weekly basis result to keeping the water to be crystal clear and clean and some chemicals are lowered. The filter should be checked whenever vacuuming is carried out and clean it if it is dirty. The development of algae can be minimized through the brushing of tiles and walls of the swimming pool and Spa. The type of cleaning tools used is determined by the pool walls’ material. For concrete pools, a stiff brush should be considered. A soft brush should be used for tiles so that grout’s degradation is prevented.

Pool filter should be cleaned

Diatomaceous earth, cartridge, and sand are the examples of pool filters. Periodic cleaning is needed whereby it is determined by the kind of filter and the times the swimming pool is used by individuals. A filter having a little bit of dirt is considered to be effective in that it will be able to trap or attract other particles. One should avoid letting the filter to be completely dirty.

Heater should be serviced


Pool heaters need a little maintenance to be carried out on them. Gas heaters can operate efficiently with no maintenance done for many years to come. For particular care instructions, an individual should consult the manual from the manufacturer. A professional should be hired to carry the maintenance tasks on the heater.