Essentials Every Modern Day Bathroom Must Have


One of the most important rooms in your home is the bathroom. Real estate companies and individual homeowners can know just how important it is to invest in the bathroom. Many assume that investing in the bathroom is an expensive undertaking; this is not so. Before adding these essentials, let Bathroom Renovations Auckland experts renovate and change the design of your bathroom. Listed briefly are important ideas on bathroom technologies that matter when carrying out an upgrade.


Comfortable toilets

Most people today rest on toilet seats that are 15 years older or more. The recent toilet models are more comfortable to sit in and consume way less water. New toilet models look attractive and come in great designs that give the bathroom a unique look. The fancy models are quite costly but worth the expense.fdfgdfgdfgfdgdfg

Proper lighting

Most bathrooms are poorly lit due to their small windows that can’t stream in natural light. This brings about the need for artificial lighting technology. In the last two decades, lighting technology has advanced significantly allowing you to share light into all spaces without sacrificing privacy. LED lights are preferred as they do not consume a lot of energy and can be customized. They can provide both bright and dim light.

Great mirrors

Many still use the vanity mirror that was in their bathroom when they arrived at the property. Today you can upgrade to a larger mirror at a favorable price. This eases your early morning preparation and opens up extra space.

Fluffy towels

Most people are tempted to steal the lovely towels at exquisite resorts, hotels, and spas. The fluffy and soft feel is very captivating. Why risk the embarrassment when you get caught for doing this? You can get similar towels from experts who know what augers well with your home design. With the right towels, your bathroom emits a thick, luxurious and comfortable feel that will make your evenings and mornings more enjoyable.

Towel warmers

Wall-mounted towel warmers ensure that your towels remain nice and toasty every time you get off the shower. With this device, you are spared the hustle of regularly taking your towels to the laundry. Top quality towel warmers do not come cheap. Instead, they are hardwired or plumber right into the home heating systems. They might seem like an unnecessary investment, but the efficiency and convenience they bring is worth the expense.

Radiant floors

There are new flooring designs that keep the bathroom radiant. Once you step out of that hot shower, your toes need that nice and toasty feel too.


Bathrooms remain highly unsafe environments. Whenever water mixes up with a slick surface, just a little electricity and it can result in serious injury. When looking for a suitable bath mat, beauty is not good enough if it is not designed to guarantee your safety too.