How to make your shower experience better


A shower is what we all look forward to when we come home after a long days work. We love the feeling of warm water touching our bodies and removing all the dust and perspiration. However, there are many things that you can do to make your shower even better so that you not only clean yourself but also have a completely relaxing experience. In this article, we will explore a few things you can do to make your shower better.

Use a body wash

Many people use soap these days, but if you look at the shelves in the supermarket, you will notice many types of body wash on sale. These products offer superior cleaning and also leave you refreshed after your shower. Get one that has natural ingredients, and you will be surprised at the new feeling and soft skin that you will have after you wash.


A good shower head

Most people have an overhead one, a handheld one or both. But did you know that there are in fact, more to a shower head than just turning the tap? You can get rainfall, LED temperature indicators and even kids shower heads on the market today. Some even have the option to spray water on your body from the sides. You will, however, have to ensure the shower is positioned correctly so that the water falls on your body well. Shower arm extensions are a possible solution if you notice that the placement of your shower head is not right and wish to make an adjustment. They are used to extend the reach of the showerhead.


These are enclosures that are made of glass that allow a person to freely take a shower without having to worry about water splashing everywhere else in the bathroom. They are often in rectangular or square shaped and have a door that can be locked. Try to have one installed and ensure that it is large enough so that you can stretch your hands well in the shower.


The lighting in a bathroom can set the mood for the time you will spend in there. Make sure it is bright but not too bright. Get a natural light and not the blue light bulbs as they can strain the eyes and not put you in a relaxing mood.


Scented candles

Many people do not realize it but having a scented candle fill your bathroom with amazing aromas will make your body relax, and you will feel wonderful after the shower.