What to Do When Your Pet is Missing

girl petting dog

When your pet goes missing, it’s easy for you to panic and thinks about the worst things that could happen to them. Instead of doing that, you should be planning out strategies on how to find your pet. Here are a few steps that you need to do once you notice that your pet is gone.

Stroll around your neighborhood

Take a slow walk around the block while calling out your pet’s name. Make sure to check all gutters to see if they are hiding in there, and places that your pet might visit often.
You can also ask around to people passing by if they’ve seen your pet, which would be better if you have a photo of your pet ready on your phone. Let them know where to find you if they happen to see your pet.

cat on a treeMake and distribute fliers

Once you think your pet has been missing for long enough (usually about three days is already quite long), you can start making fliers. Start with a high-definition photo of your pet, showing it’s fur or pattern and from different angles if you have them. State details about your pet that might make them stand out, such as having a squeaky bark or a noticeable scar. Then, you can display your contact number on the flier. You can also say REWARD IF FOUND to motivate people to look for your pet. Post the fliers on nearby lamp poles, ask nearby cafes if you can display it on their window, and hand them out to your neighbors.

Call lost and found pet services

If your pet has a microchip, then it would be a good idea to call lost and found pet services such as Petlog Contact Number right away. They’d be able to track and locate your pet and see if anyone else had already called them about finding your pet. This is why micro-chipping your pet is essential and can be done quickly at your nearest veterinarian.

dog biting toyLay out their scent

Your pet’s scent will draw them. This is usually the case with cats and dogs. They leave scents everywhere to mark their territory. You can pick an object most used for your pet, your pet’s toy or bed for example, and lay them on your front porch. Your pet will be able to pick up the scent and might follow it back home.

Never give up too quickly when your pet goes missing. Your pet might be nearby, and you just have to keep looking for them.